A.D. Henderson University School & FAU High School Featured in Learning by Design

FAU Henderson

We are thrilled to announce that AD Henderson University School & FAU High School has been recognized as an Outstanding Project by Learning by Design.

The school acts as a developmental research lab and was originally established in 1968 to support teacher preparation programs and educational research. The recently completed replacement consists of 107,000 SF of new technology rich buildings that utilize sensory elements such as color-specific LED lighting, splashes of vibrant colors, and ample natural light to engage students and enhance learning. The space reflects the multi-age social aspects of the school’s programming with a central stair acting as the crossing point for students of all ages and grade levels K-12. Transformable lab spaces provide students with experiential STEM and robotics learning opportunities and glass partitions are incorporated into these labs, which promotes connectivity by allowing students to observe and appreciate what their peers are learning and creating.