Our Approach and Services

The PBK Family of Companies offers clients a comprehensive suite of integrated architectural and engineering services. Our in-house divisions provide national expertise across various industry sectors, delivering enhanced value as we take design solutions to the next level.

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Our Services

By offering both architecture and engineering services under one roof, The PBK Family of Companies can provide integrated solutions that address the full scope of your project’s requirements. This integrated approach ensures seamless coordination between design and engineering disciplines, leading to more efficient project delivery and optimized outcomes.

Architectural Design

We approach architectural design as both an art and a science. We revel in the process of combining form and function to align with programmatic and financial objectives– all while maintaining a standard of world-class excellence in design.

3D & 4D Visualization

We use photogrammetry, Lidar scanning, 3D scanning, 3D printing, immersive renderings, animations, virtual and augmented reality to help simplify complex design issues and find a collective solution for our clients.

MEP Engineering

Our integrated approach goes beyond the traditional MEP approach by holistically integrating the design of architectural and building systems to optimize building performance, occupant comfort, sustainability and life cycle costs.

Structural Engineering

We offer a dynamic, multi-disciplined structural engineering planning and design team that manages projects from inception through final construction while maintaining a high level of customer service and a genuine teamwork mentality.

Civil Engineering

Our team is composed of civil design professionals with expert knowledge of utility and infrastructure design. The company’s in-house network of planners and engineers has grown organically to provide a sustained level of superior service, thought leadership, and local knowledge.

Landscape Architecture

Our landscape division is a multifaceted team of designers that integrates ecology, planning, and community engagement to create sustainable, functional, and visually compelling outdoor spaces that enrich the quality of life for people and enhance environmental health.

Facility Consulting

A robust team of facility planners provide expert advice, analysis, and recommendations to help our clients optimize the performance, efficiency, and functionality of their facilities. We offer a range of services aimed at improving building operations, maintenance, space utilization, compliance, technology integration, risk management, and resilience to enhance the overall value and sustainability of buildings. These services are available at any stage of the project from feasibility and concept studies to full design and construction services—whether it be for new construction, renovations or expansions.

Construction Administration

Our dedicated field teams are responsible for monitoring site activity during the construction phase and ensuring construction is taking place in strict accordance with client objectives for schedule and quality as well as contract documentation and specifications in order to achieve the highest quality product.

Interior Design

We understand that well-designed interiors empower owners to optimize space while improving communications and productivity. Ultimately, this helps attract and retain our most important resource: people.

Furniture Specification

We specify and manage furniture procurement. This includes defining the type, style, dimensions, materials, finishes, and functional requirements of each piece of furniture to ensure it mets the desired standards and purposes.

Graphic Design

We leverage the power of design to create conditions for experience and engagement. To enhance the functionality of a space, we think about the relationship of the physical structures and selected materials as well as the character, message, or service our clients seek to convey.

Technology Consulting

Our technology consulting experts provide integrated, scalable technology planning and design solutions that assist clients in aligning their long-term technology goals with short-term budget availability.

Long-Range Facility Master Planning

We partner with client communities to develop custom building plans that properly satisfy short- and long-term building needs for growth, maintenance, security, and operational requirements.

Safety and Security Consulting

We are dedicated to crafting effective countermeasures, training and design solutions that holistically serve to solidify the safety of your building and wellbeing of its occupants.

Community Engagement

We actively involve local stakeholders through workshops, surveys, and public meetings to gain invaluable insights that inform more responsive and sustainable designs. This participatory approach not only fosters goodwill and trust between our clients and the community but also enhances project outcomes by ensuring that the built environment reflects and supports the everyday lives of its users.

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We are proud to collaborate with community leaders across the country on a diverse portfolio of projects spanning education, healthcare, civil services, sports, and more.