Benjamin Fields

  • Principal
  • Tacoma

Benjamin Fields, Principal for Marketing and a Project Designer, is dedicated to creating architecture that responds to the spirit of the place and the community’s unique character. He believes the community is integral to defining what a building should be, serving as the social context for all architectural work. Benjamin is passionate about building strong relationships with clients, consultants, contractors and community members, understanding that these connections shape the essence of every project. 

In his role as a Project Designer, Benjamin works within project boundaries to refine and clarify design to the fullest extent possible. He sharpens the design focus of the project team, integrating the concept and design ideals into every detail, no matter how small. His goal is to create spaces that enhance the daily lives of students, families, teachers, and community members, leaving a positive legacy of engagement and beauty with every client. 

Benjamin is an Accredited Learning Environment Planner (ALEP) and actively involved with the Association for Learning Environments (A4LE). His certification and involvement with A4LE underscore his commitment to creating educational spaces that inspire and support learning, staying at the forefront of educational design trends, and fostering professional relationships within the industry.