Amanda Russell

  • Principal
  • Tacoma

Amanda Russell serves as the Senior Project Architect and Director of Practice Technologies at the Tacoma office. With a firm belief in the profound impact of architecture on individuals and communities, Mandy is dedicated to fostering innovative design and ensuring its seamless execution through technical expertise and construction integration. In her role, Mandy oversees project development from inception to completion, emphasizing clarity in documentation and rigorous attention to technical detail. She collaborates closely with contractors and consultants to integrate their expertise into the design process, enhancing constructability and project value. Mandy champions a collaborative approach that prioritizes the integration of sustainable practices and building performance metrics from concept through construction. 

Mandy’s leadership extends to mentoring junior architects and fostering a culture of continuous learning and professional growth within the firm. She is committed to leveraging technology to streamline project workflows and enhance communication between project stakeholders. Her approach emphasizes creating environments that not only meet client objectives but also enrich the human experience through thoughtful design and efficient construction practices.