PBK Receives Most Philanthropic at IIDA 2022 Fashion Forward

Each year, the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) hosts a fashion show for its members to participate in a design challenge. This year’s fashion show was inspired by a variety of music genres. The PBK team received the challenge to design a look inspired by Electronic Dance Music (EDM).


In a crowd of thousands, it’s important to stand out in eye-catching ways. The EDM inspired design combined the practical needs of dancing for long hours along with theatrical aspects of self-expression. The majority of the garment, including the train, was composed of carpet yarn knit together, specifically selected for the vibrancy and depth of color. The white holographic looking tile was used along the bodice of the garment. The tile was selected to reflect and refract the stage like for a rave like effect and to overload the senses.

The team put in work after hours and on the weekends to create the spectacular runway ready garment. The garment couldn’t have been made possible without J&J Flooring supplying the carpet yarn and Concept Surfaces supplying the tile.

Congratulations to the team on receiving Most Philanthropic! PBK is proud to participate and sponsor this one-of-a-kind event.