PBK Receives Crowd Favorite at IIDA Product Runway

Every year the IIDA Texas Oklahoma Chapter hosts Product Runway, a fashion design competition where designers and architects create handmade garments out of architectural finished materials. This year the theme was Wanderlust to honor the desire to explore destinations unknown. PBK was challenged with designing a garment inspired by Kyoto, the original capitol of Japan.   

By deconstructing and reassembling components of the traditional kimono, the design proves that a shapeless, fluid garment can be reinvented in a bold, rigid form while still capturing the techniques and history of Kyoto. 

As an ode to the timeless kimono, certain elements are included: the “haneri,” a detachable neckpiece crafted out of tile underlayment; an “obi,” a belt or sash constructed with weld rod; a “kamikazari,” a hair ornament built with metal transition strips.  

The design juxtaposes something that is timeless with an unexpected modern aesthetic indicative of Kyoto’s hidden hip and trendy side. The leather, red cherry blossoms on the flowing off-white cloth skirt presents a tasteful contrast with the fitted dark grey and black top piece made of mesh fabric with weld rod boning. This design honors both sides of Japan’s cultural capital city, Kyoto, by showcasing equal parts of traditional and modern designs.   

Thank you to our sponsors EJ Welch, Steelcase, and FABS for providing the materials used in creating the beautiful dress! Congratulations to the team on receiving Crowd Favorite!