A look inside the future of safety and security in Pflugerville ISD

From the second you park your car to the long walk you make to the entrance of Weiss High School in Pflugerville Independent School District, every moment is watched closely.

Cameras are mounted outside and inside the school, but also several people stationed at the front entrance are looking for anything unusual.

It’s the campus of the future equipped with the latest technology and security.

“Because of recent events, the focus and the intensity and the persistence of the conversation about safety and security has become stronger,” said architect Ian Powell, a partner at PBK Architects. “The conversations are more frequent, they are deeper. The thinking process related to it is deeper.”

The architecture firm which is based in Houston specializes in school safety. PBK works with more than a hundred Texas school Chiefs of Police to create best practices that could be implemented at schools across the state.

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