Jefferson Early Learning Center

Jefferson Early Learning Center

The design focuses on the individual learner’s experience by providing various environments for different types of learning. The campus is organized into two villages providing students with a sense of community and place. Each village is comprised of three neighborhoods: Discovery, Inquiry, and Voyage. Each neighborhood includes four houses or experiences with a shared collaboration

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Redbud Elementary

Redbud Elementary School

At the heart of the school sits a giant redbud tree with branches connecting to all three wings. The concept for the school was inspired by biophilic design that simulates elements from nature and connects the students to the natural world. The new Redbud Elementary School is filled with sensory experiences in a fun, colorful

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Bellaire High School

Bellaire High School

The Main Street allows access to all major learning and personal development spaces, individual study areas, and small group collaboration spaces for club meetings. Two major lobby spaces bolster both ends of the Main Street, one serving as the auditorium lobby and public entrance and the other as the sports lobby and student entrance. The

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